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Dragon House

Dragon symbolizes supernatural power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge.

Dragon House provides you and your family with protection, comfort, smart features and innovation.

My Home is my Dragon


Living Room




Dining Area



Dragon House is more than just an architectural masterpiece; it's a home where each corner has its unique story integrated into the overall concept of comfort and style. Built using advanced technologies and environmentally friendly materials, this house embodies the dream of modern living.

The exterior walls of Dragon House are made of innovative materials that provide excellent thermal insulation and aesthetic appeal with their unique shade and texture. The panoramic windows allow residents to enjoy stunning views without leaving the comfort of their homes and bring in natural light that enlivens the interior spaces.


House Information and Amenities

4 Bedrooms with

walk-in wardrobes

5 Bathrooms

1 Guest WC



Internal & External Jacuzzi


Roof top & garden bbq area

Car park for 2 vehicles

Cinema Room

2 Laundry


Infinity Pool

Home System

Motorized Alu Screens

Open plan living space & kitchen

Why is dragon house unique?

Location and views

Located in the exclusive Sea Caves area of Peyia, walking distance from the sea, close proximity to Coral Bay and the city of Paphos. 

Natural Light

Welcomes natural light into the home, making the rooms extra-spacious. Natural light eliminates use of artificial lighting, therefore, saving electricity.

Energy efficiency & Automation

Includes environmentally friendly elements, solar panels, upcycled materials, added insulation and energy efficient lighting.

Minimalist approach

Contemporary design with unique 45 degree angular twist of living, dining, kitchen area, providing panoramic views of sea, mountains and adjacent fruit gardens.

Biophilic Design

Utilizes biophilic design, present through indoor plants, green walls, trees, gardens and wood elements. Makes the house relaxing, light, and comfortable.

Smart Network

Smart technology provides connectivity across devices. When absent, you control the network in your house, especially useful for home security, access to cameras, locks, and lights.

Neutral color palette

Relies on a color palette of black and white with shades of gray or other neutral colors.

Open floor concept

Employs modern interior design with open floor plan. Fosters spread of natural light and maintains emphasis on simplicity of design.

Roof garden with Jacuzzi & BBQ

Provides an elevated sense of freedom and comfort. Relaxing with drinks in the Jacuzzi and making BBQ.





Cyprus: +35799097669

Austria: +436641890244


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